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Assessor Jim Crawford
Phone: (501) 303-5623

The main function of the Assessor is to value all property within the county (both real and personal) for the purpose of applying ad valorem taxes. These values must be fair and equitable for all taxpayers. The assessed value in Arkansas is calculated at 20 percent of market value.

The Assessor must turn in an abstract to the State by August 1 each year that shows the combined assessed values of real estate, personal, business personal, and utilities. Saline County is a very progressive county and has seen its assessed values go from $600 million to over $1 billion in the last 10 years.

I was elected to this office in 1997 and have witnessed many changes since then. Thanks to a great staff, we have been able to implement many services that truly benefit the public. If you are assessing your vehicles for the first time, you must do so in person so we can apply the correct information to establish your account. Subsequently, you may assess your vehicles each year in person, by phone or online through the appropriate links on this web site. Make sure that you assess your vehicles before May 31 each year.

Amendment 79 was adopted in 2001. This amendment gives each homeowner a $350 credit toward their tax due on their principle residence and limited the increase of value to 5 percent on your principle residence and 10 percent on commercial and all other real estate. Amendment 79 also applies a value freeze to homeowners who are age 65 and over or are disabled. You may contact our homestead department to make sure you are receiving these benefits.

With over 70,000 real estate parcels, we are striving to keep pace with the growth that our County is experiencing. You may now view our real estate records by going to by clicking on the Search Records link located throughout this site.

I have enjoyed serving as your Assessor and welcome any suggestions that might improve our service. Please email me if you ned any help or guidance. This site contains a listing of all departments that make up the Saline County Assessor's Office and the supervisors of each department. They are ready to help with your assessment needs.

Thanks again for visiting our internet site.

Jim Crawford